Frequently asked questions

How do we get started? Will there be training?

We offer a virtual training session with each purchased license or group of licenses for a school. See the pricing guide for more information.

What does a license include?

A license includes one-year access to a digital copy of the curriculum, a copy of Anna’s Test, and a one-hour virtual training session.

How do you address social and emotional learning?

We identify the standards for each lesson to CASEL (The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) standards. This allows the curriculum to be used in multiple locations.

Why should we use this guide to support children impacted by incarceration?

As directly impacted individuals, we grew up without a school program to support us during our parent’s incarceration. As we settled into our careers as educators, we noticed that despite the passage of time, schools were still missing a way to adequately support directly impacted youth. For many years we sought to support students who shared our experience with incarceration to the best of our ability with the available resources. It was the best we could do, but it was not enough. We developed this guide to fill a gap. It addresses topics of special importance to children impacted by incarceration and guided by research.

Whitney’s book, Supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents in Schools was published in Sept. 2021 and speaks a bit about how our experience as directly impacted educators led us to create the curriculum. Also in 2021, we updated statistics and information in the curriculum to reflect any recent changes.

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