Joining Forces

A school-based support circle for youth directly impacted by incarceration


About Joining Forces

JOINING FORCES is a curriculum for students in grades K-12 designed to create a supportive space for youth who have been impacted by the incarceration of a loved one.

The title JOINING FORCES represents the dual perspectives of the school community and criminal justice reform, as well as the perspectives of the two co-authors, Dr. Whitney Q. Hollins and Pamela Brunskill.

Hollins and Brunskill each experienced parental incarceration during their childhood and, as adults, work as educators with a special interest in supporting children of incarcerated parents.

JOINING FORCES’ social-emotional content is intended to help individuals navigate the questions, feelings, and injustices associated with the collateral consequences of mass incarceration.

The goals are to: 1) Provide strategies and support to help the youth heal, commune and thrive, and 2) Empower these individuals with the knowledge necessary to dismantle the carceral state at their own comfort levels using a literacy and arts-based approach.



Joining Forces: A School-Based Support Circle for Children Directly Impacted by Incarceration

Authors: Pamela Brunskill Ed.M. & Whitney Q. Hollins, Ph.D.
Copyright Date: 2021
Grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This product is only available for licensing. The authors retain ownership of the original product. The product is only to be used by authorized facilitators for a period of 365 days. Distributing the product to people other than the authorized facilitator(s) is not permitted.


$699 per facilitator* for 365 days

  • This price includes one virtual training with the author/s of the curriculum and access to a resource list.
  • After the first 365 days, facilitators can extend their licensing an additional two years for $300 per facilitator.
  • $150 for Veteran Facilitator (Re-) Training: Only facilitators who have already been trained and taught the curriculum for three years are eligible for this.

*A facilitator is defined as any person who will lead or implement the curriculum. There may be multiple facilitators in each building. Each facilitator requires their own license. Groups are limited to 40 students for each facilitator license.